Examples of how businesses are using Log-On Technologies cloud solutions.

Log-On Technologies has been working with new and existing business clients to streamline their IT infrastructure reducing their network footprint by migrating services and data to the cloud.

Here are some examples of how we’ve accomplished client goals:

No More On Premise Server

Log-On Technologies was able to save several clients a great deal of money by migrating IT services to our cloud infrastructure.  File/data servers, e-mail/Exchange servers, database servers, etc. have all been successfully hosted on our cloud solution.

How does this help the client?

  • No maintenance costs for on premise servers
  • Reduced down time and increased reliability
  • Hosted on robust enterprise-grade equipment on a small business budget
  • No more worrying about maintenance updates or backups, we handle that for you

Enable a Mobile and Remote Workforce

Log-On Technologies was able to help clients stage the business for flexibility and growth by providing cloud solutions made available to their entire company without geographical restraints.  Employees, regardless of geographical location, were able to connect to a cloud hosted solution to share and access common files, collaborate on internal and client related projects, and access their data securely over encrypted VPN connectivity.

How does this help the client?

  • Completely scalable solution.  Whether the client needs more speed, more space, more memory, etc., we’re able to scale upwards.
  • Reduced cost
  • Increased accessibility and flexibility
  • No maintenance costs
  • Significantly reduced downtime and outages
  • Uptime during power outages