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Accounting, CPA & Bookkeeping Firms Increase Profitability Through IT

Last month Log-On Technologies helped several accounting firms become more profitable. Our solution eliminated most of their IT issues, expanded their capabilities, turned IT into a profit center, and provided them with a central and redundant point for their business data and apps. They now run QuickBooks, Drake, Lacerte, Sage, ProSeries, etc. within one secure […]

Examples of how businesses are using Log-On Technologies cloud solutions.

Log-On Technologies has been working with new and existing business clients to streamline their IT infrastructure reducing their network footprint by migrating services and data to the cloud. Here are some examples of how we’ve accomplished client goals: No More On Premise Server Log-On Technologies was able to save several clients a great deal of […]

What’s the current state of your business network?

Do you know what the current state of your business network is or will you find out when things go down and your business experiences an outage? Log-On Technologies was brought in to help a small business with 5 users. They were not sure as to the condition of their network. During our free one […]

24×7 Monitoring, Trends Analysis and Reporting

Log-On Technologies provides 24×7 active monitoring of your business infrastructure. We provide trends analysis and reporting. Having the right tools in place can make the difference between resolving a problem in minutes vs days. Contact Log-On Technologies today for a more complete technical solution to stop wondering and worrying about your network. E-mail us at […]

Affordable Cloud Solutions for All Businesses

Log-On Technologies provides business grade cloud solutions at extremely competitive pricing. Don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars for an on premise server/equipment and need an infrastructure that will scale and grow with your business? Contact Log-On Technologies today at service@logontek.com to get a quote for a virtual server in the cloud. Just a few […]

IT Challenges

  Log-On Technologies specializes in hard to fix IT issues and challenges.  Whatever IT challenge your business is facing, call or e-mail Log-On Technologies today to help you through it – fixit@logontek.net or 832.615.8885 ext:799.  

Exchange Server E-Mail In the Cloud

  This month at Log-On Technologies we worked with a client to seamlessly migrate 107 user e-mail boxes & 4 domains from an outdated on premise Exchange e-mail server to cloud based mailboxes on a newer Exchange 2016 platform. We reduced their cost of ownership and they no longer have to worry about maintaining their […]

Oracle changes update release policy for Java SE 8

  Oracle announces a policy change in the release of updates for Java SE 8.  Public updates for Oracle Java SE 8 will remain available for individual, personal use through at least the end of 2020.  Public updates for Oracle Java SE 8 released after January 2019 will not be available for business, commercial or […]

Stable Wi-Fi for up to 250 users

Log-On Technologies was approached by a client with a unique challenge – stabilize WiFi and ensure it can support anywhere from 150-250 wireless devices during peak times of use. Mission accomplished! We designed a custom solution that would reliably accommodate every day business use while at the same time being able to handle peak usage […]

High Availability for Critical Servers & Services

Log-On Technologies worked with a client that was worried about downtime. They have a vast on premise network with over 60 servers but required site resilience in case there was an outage involving their on premise equipment or Internet. Our solution was to provide them with cloud based replication services for fail-over purposes. If their […]