Log-On Technologies, LLC is structured for specialization. Our departments are focused and informed in their specific areas of specialty. Need references? Just ask! Not sure if what you need can be done or is even possible?  Give us a call.

Solution Areas
Log-On Technologies, LLC offers true end-to-end e-business services for the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. Solution areas include:


On-Site/Remote Services
Log-On Technologies, LLC provides remote and on-site field services. We realize that I.T. System Operations is a 24/7 responsibility and downtime is not an option. Our field staff is not only thoroughly trained, but has functional experience in areas dealing with products made by Microsoft (NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Back Office, MSSQL Server, Exchange Server, etc.), Novell, Cisco, Caldera/SCO, Redhat, IBM, 3Com, etc. Read more about our On-Site/Remote services

Strategy Consulting
Log-On Technologies, LLC provides the highest level of expertise in many areas. Our Consultants are not only experts in their trade but understand the close relation between all Information Technologies (I.T.) and Operations departments. Log-On Technologies, LLC' consulting group understands that decisions made by I.T. impact the entire organization. Are you unsure of what you need or of the appropriate questions to ask? Do you know what you want, but are unsure of how to implement it? Log-On Technologies, LLC' consulting services can bridge the gap between your operational requirements and the necessary implementation of technology. We know how to increase organizational efficiencies and implement new technological capabilities. Read more about our Strategy Consulting services

Creative Media
Log-On Technologies, LLC provides design and consulting services ranging from corporate art to web design. Do you already have an in-house designer but still require the development of additional skill sets? Web design, corporate identity (business cards, brochures, letterhead, etc.), CD-ROM e-Brochures, business card CDs, digital commercials, and 3D design services are just a few of our capabilities within this realm. Read more about our Creative Media services

Technical Staffing
Log-On Technologies, LLC offers technical staffing solutions. Is your internal I.T. person overdue for their vacation? Let us help. Does your internal I.T. staff require additional support because your organization has outgrown your current staffing levels? We can help by meeting with you to discuss your requirements and provide a solution that exceeds your needs, but not your budget.